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Family Fun Time at the Flint Drop Fest

Had an absolutely fantastic time at the Flint Drop Fest this weekend! 🎉🎶 What an electrifying experience it was, and the best part? I got to share it with my wonderful wife and our awesome 8-year-old son!

The beats were bumping and the atmosphere was simply electric. As soon as we arrived, some of my all-time favorite tracks were already setting the perfect vibe. It's like the music knew just how to make our day. We spent the entire day moving between stages, soaking in the incredible energy from the diverse lineup.

Of course, we couldn't resist checking out the merch tents. 💸 While the prices were a bit steep for our taste, the real gems were the unique stages. DJs spinning their magic on top of buses! 🚌🎧 Talk about creativity!

One of the most heartwarming moments was seeing our little guy light up as he handed out kandi and toys to fellow festival-goers. This was his very first EDM event, and boy absolutely loved it! His smile was absolutely priceless as he connected with other attendees, spreading joy and good vibes.

Speaking of good vibes, everyone we met had an infectious positivity about them. Interacting with such a friendly crowd made the whole experience even more memorable. Our son was on cloud nine, making new friends and engaging in epic bubble fights with other kids. By the end of the day, he was pleading with us not to leave – a true testament to how much he enjoyed every moment.

There was a lot of security and police presence, they weren't doing bag or body checks, but we still felt completely safe the entire time. I saw no evidence of anybody being violent or out of line. All the attendees seemed to be there for good music and good vibes.

Thank you, Flint, for putting together an event that caters to all ages and brings together music lovers in such a magical way. Until next time!

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