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Mayfest: The Equinox - EDM Magic In The Pines

A photo of the pines with brightly colored lights
Photo By Dan Saenz

A Night of Enchanting Wonders in the Pines

This blog post may be arriving a little later than expected, but let me tell you about the magical night that unfolded on October 7th at Mayfest: The Equinox. I had the distinct pleasure of not only providing the sound but also assisting the incredible production team during this unforgettable event.

The Equinox Extravaganza

The event was a resounding success, thanks to the mesmerizing performances by a lineup of exceptional DJs. Alias One, JERIKO, L3XI3 & K3Y, and Mac Yellek graced the stage and kept the crowd dancing the night away.

Mac Yellek - A Visionary Performance

Mac Yellek, paying in the pines with his custom lighting surrounding his stage
Photo by James Paterni

The evening kicked off with Mac Yellek, who painted the twilight sky with his laid-back yet captivating beats. As the sun dipped behind the trees, Mac's music lulled the crowd into a trance, and his custom lighting cast vibrant hues across the pines. Mac's artistic vision shone brilliantly as he seamlessly integrated the DJ booth with the surrounding scenery, enveloping the forest in a warm, inviting glow of blue, white, and purple lights.

Jeriko - A Seamless Transition

A portrait of Jeriko
Photo provided by Jeriko to MFE for promotional use

Following Mac, the stage was graced by Jeriko, a consummate professional with an extraordinary house mix. Jeriko effortlessly picked up the torch from Mac, maintaining the high-energy atmosphere and keeping the rave spirit alive. He even stepped in to fill a last-minute gap, proving his dedication to the show's success.

L3XI3 & K3Y - The Journey from Arizona

photo of L3XI3 & K3Y playing a different event
Photo provided by L3XI3 & K3Y to MFE for promotional use

L3XI3 & K3Y, hailing from Arizona, hit the stage next. Despite some navigational hiccups due to the event's secluded location, they delivered a memorable blend of House, Electro, DnB, and Psytrance. Though their set was shorter than planned, the crowd couldn't get enough of their music. It turned out to be a blessing, given the chilly Michigan night that the Arizona DJs weren't accustomed to. Thankfully, they found warmth in the barn after their set.

Alias One - Shifting the Party

photo of Alias one playing another event
Photo provided by Alias One to MFE for promotional use

With the night growing colder, Alias One, all the way from Toronto, was set to take the stage. However, the weather had different plans. The quick decision was made to move everything to the heated barn, and thanks to the rapid coordination of the production team, the transition was seamless. Alias One brought the heat with his set into the barn, dropping electrifying techno tracks with ABBA mashups at times, to mixing in some original tunes. It was a set to remember.

Mac Yellek and Alias One - A Harmonious Duo

The two DJs provided a back-to-back performance that kept the crowd dancing well into the early hours. As their first ever time playing B2B, you could tell there was a lot of chemistry between the two. Their exceptional crowd-reading skills kept the dance floor alive, a testament to their DJ prowess. They later revealed to have even included a couple of their own unreleased IDs (release dates coming soon). Looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next!

"One Other Guy" - A Surprise Guest

a stock photo of a DJ controller

Around 6 AM, as Mac had been tirelessly managing and playing the event, he took a well-deserved break, and another participant (yours truly) stepped in. While not a professional DJ, I played a mix of house and dubstep for an hour. The crowd enjoyed the impromptu set and kept the party alive.

Mac Yellek's Grand Finale

Mac returned for his final set at 7 AM, transitioning into chill sounds to wind down the night. He orchestrated a breathtaking moment by gradually shifting the white lighting across the barn, simulating a sunrise despite his original vision of performing as the sun rose and peaked through the pines.

Incredible Teamwork and Dedication

The entire event was a testament to the remarkable teamwork and professionalism of everyone involved. From the talented DJs, including Jeriko, Alias One, and L3XI3 & K3Y, to the meticulous planning of Mac Yellek and Sage May, everything ran like clockwork. The precise scheduling of the right DJs with the right vibes at the right time turned Mac's vision into a captivating reality.

Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Organizing an outdoor event comes with its own set of challenges. Despite unforeseen weather delays, the entire team, including Sage, Mac, and the entire May family, worked tirelessly to ensure that the pine stage was ready for the magical night. From setting up the lighting and sound systems to decorating the forest's edge and ensuring a clear path with additional lighting, the dedication of everyone involved was awe-inspiring.

The fact that we managed to set up the entire stage on time, despite the weather challenges, speaks volumes about the dedication of the DJs, the production team, and their harmonious collaboration. It was an experience I will cherish, and I look forward to future collaborations with this exceptional team.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and professional production team. Any challenges that arose were swiftly and calmly resolved, leading to a seamless experience for everyone involved. The excitement among the attendees for the next event was palpable, underscoring the success of Mayfest: The Equinox.

In conclusion, Mayfest: The Equinox was an enchanting journey through the pines, thanks to the incredible talents and unwavering dedication of everyone involved. I can't praise this remarkable production team enough, and I eagerly await the next opportunity to create magic in the pines once more.

Check back on Friday, October 27th for a follow up post with the official recap video produced by Matt Blanke!

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Oct 24, 2023

Thank you for the opportunity to come out and share yourdream with you and experience a fun night of laughs dances, and great music from all the DJs

Unknown member
Oct 24, 2023
Replying to

We are all so happy you enjoyed the event! Thank you for your kind words! Helping bring Mac's visions to fruition, and seeing the guests enjoy the spectcular vibe he, the other DJ's, and the entire production team curated all I could possibly ask for! 💜

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