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Rave-ing Mad 2023

Our first event was a success!

Everybody had a good time.

Feedback was 100% positive! Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. We are confident we can do this again next year, bigger, and better!

We ran into a few problems and learned a few lessons.

Our speakers died on the main stage. If DJ Mac Yellek didn't happen to bring his own speakers we would have had to resort to some pretty low quality speakers. Luckily, thanks to Mac Yellek, we were able to use the speakers meant for garage stage on the main stage!

We overbought the alcohol! We didn't need hardly any alcohol. Guests either brought their own favorite drinks, or didn't drink. Next year we provide what we didn't use, but aren't going to advertise the free alcohol.

Two stages is too many for this size event. We will, next time, have a single stage with shared time slots.

The police showed up. We were a little loud. There is no online information about noise ordinances in this area. We are going to invest in some insulation and noise dampening for the garage stage, as well as see if there is any permits we can apply for.

The police, however, were basically polite. We turned down the volume a little and kept going until 6 AM.

Doing it again next year!

We will take what we learned this year, and apply it to next year! Next year should be bigger, and better! We expect a much larger turnout, more dancing, and less police!

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