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Rave-Ing Mad Spotlight: JOELLE

We're thrilled to kick off Rave-Ing Mad 2024 with the electrifying beats of DJ Joelle, a rising talent who's set to ignite the dance floor with her unique fusion of classical finesse and EDM fervor.

Photo JOELLE mixing at a birthday party

Meet Joelle, a Chicago native whose journey through music has been nothing short of extraordinary. With roots deeply embedded in classical music, Joelle's love affair with melodies began over two decades ago as she picked up her first violin. Her dedication and talent quickly garnered her recognition and numerous awards in the classical realm.

But Joelle's musical odyssey didn't stop there. Fuelled by her innate curiosity and a thirst for new sonic experiences, she embarked on a thrilling exploration of electronic dance music, where she found her second musical calling. Inspired by the pulsating rhythms of her hometown's legendary house music scene, Joelle fell head over heels for the infectious energy and boundless creativity of EDM.

Transitioning from the orchestral stage to the DJ booth might seem like a leap for some, but for Joelle, it's a seamless progression—a natural evolution of her musical prowess. Armed with her finely honed skills as a violinist and a deep-seated passion for EDM, Joelle has embraced the decks as her second instrument, weaving together intricate melodies and heart-pounding beats with effortless finesse.

As she takes the stage at Rave-Ing Mad 2024, Joelle invites you to join her on a sonic journey like no other. With her classical sensibilities and a profound love for EDM, she promises to deliver a performance that's as exhilarating as it is unforgettable.

Don't miss her electrifying set at Rave-Ing Mad 2024—it's sure to be a night to remember!

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