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Unexpected Outcomes: A Tale of Two DJs


Planning an event is always an exciting endeavor, but it comes with its share of challenges. One crucial aspect of any successful event is the music, and finding the right DJ is paramount. I recently organized an event and decided to hire two DJs - one with an impressive background and another who was relatively inexperienced but enthusiastic. Little did I know that their performances would take unexpected turns, leaving a lasting impression on both me and the attendees.

The Highly Recommended DJ

When it came to hiring a DJ to headline my event, I decided to go with someone who came highly recommended. This DJ had an excellent track record, having worked at major events like the Breakaway festival in Grand Rapids. His background was impressive, and I had high expectations for his performance.

However, things quickly went awry. On the day of the event, the DJ arrived at the venue already severely intoxicated. It was evident from the beginning that he was in no condition to perform at his best. He struggled to connect with the audience, displaying signs of insecurity by constantly seeking validation from them. Instead of playing to the crowd's vibe, he seemed more focused on his own insecurities and inebriation.

As the event progressed, his performance deteriorated even further. He shut down his stage two hours earlier than the agreed-upon time, leaving both me and the audience baffled and disappointed. Truth be told, I was so unimpressed that I didn't even feel the need to address the issue with him - I preferred him to leave rather than continue to tarnish the event's atmosphere.

The Novice DJ

On the flip side, the second DJ, who had minimal experience playing in front of a live crowd, turned out to be a breath of fresh air. Despite his limited background, he displayed an impressive understanding of the audience's preferences and mood. He effortlessly read the crowd, adjusting his playlist accordingly, and kept the energy on the dance floor high throughout the event.

What was most remarkable about this DJ was his enthusiasm and dedication to his craft. He interacted with the audience, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere behind the DJ table. Even after his designated playing time had passed, he continued to spin tracks and keep the party going.

The Unforeseen Lesson

The contrasting experiences with the two DJs taught me a valuable lesson about the entertainment industry and life in general - sometimes, the most highly recommended and experienced individuals may not always deliver the best results. On the other hand, lesser-known talents might surprise us with their passion, dedication, and ability to connect with people.

It's a reminder that while experience and reputation are essential, true success often lies in one's ability to adapt, connect, and perform even in challenging circumstances. The highly recommended DJ's struggles and lack of professionalism were a wake-up call that no matter how good someone's resume looks on paper, their actual performance can be a completely different story.


Finding DJs for events can indeed lead to unexpected results. In my case, I experienced both disappointment and pleasant surprises. The highly recommended DJ, despite his impressive background, turned out to be a major disappointment, while the novice DJ, playing for free, blew everyone away with his genuine passion and connection with the audience.

This experience taught me to look beyond accolades and focus on finding individuals who have a genuine love for their craft and the ability to connect with people. It also reinforced the importance of open-mindedness and giving opportunities to emerging talents who may possess untapped potential.

As event organizers, we must be prepared for the unexpected and approach every decision with a balanced mix of experience, reputation, and passion. After all, it's the passion that can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one and leave a lasting impact on everyone involved.

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