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DJ Light


24 hours


DJ Lasers

No rave is complete without the mesmerizing dance of laser lights, and our DJ lasers are here to take your event to the next level.

Our DJ Laser package includes:

  • 1 DJ Light: This compact wonder is packed with the potential to transform your dance floor into a vibrant, pulsating canvas of light and color.

  • 120V Power Cable: Easy setup is the name of the game. We provide a convenient power cable to ensure your DJ laser is up and running in no time.

With our DJ lasers in your setup, you'll be able to effortlessly infuse your event with dynamic visual effects, creating an immersive and unforgettable atmosphere. Whether it's a rave, a music event, or any gathering where the dance floor is the main stage, our DJ lasers are your ticket to an electrifying experience.

Get ready to illuminate the night and captivate your crowd with our DJ lasers. Contact us today and let the dance floor come alive with an enchanting display of light and motion!

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