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Michigan's Premier EDM and Techno Festivals

Michigan, a state renowned for its natural beauty and diverse cultural tapestry, has carved out its own niche in the world of electronic dance music (EDM) and techno. Throughout the year, an array of electrifying events takes center stage, attracting music enthusiasts from all walks of life. From the mystical realm of Electric Forest to the urban beats of The Movement, Michigan hosts a dynamic range of festivals tailored to every EDM and techno aficionado's palate.

Festival season is almost at an end, but it's never too early to start thinking about next summer! Below is a list of our favorite festivals in Michigan.


Electric Forest

Electric Forest

Photo by FifthLegend under the CC BY 2.0 license

Set amidst the enchanting woods of Rothbury, Electric Forest stands as an unrivaled gem in Michigan's festival landscape. With a blend of EDM, techno, and various genres, the festival transforms the forest into a captivating wonderland complete with mesmerizing light displays, interactive art, and an indescribable sense of unity. Electric Forest boasts headlining acts from around the world, weaving together music, nature, and art into an unforgettable tapestry.

Electric Forest is more than just a music festival. It has amazing lights, art, and interactive experiences that everybody can enjoy! Even if EDM isn't your favorite, this is one festival worth checking out at least once in your lifetime.


The Movement

Heart Plaza, Detroit, MI during the movement music festival

Detroit's rich musical history finds its zenith in The Movement Electronic Music Festival, an annual celebration held over Memorial Day weekend. As one of the world's longest-standing techno festivals, The Movement pays homage to Detroit's foundational role in shaping techno music. Against an industrial backdrop, the festival draws both local talent and international icons, offering an authentic techno experience that reverberates with Detroit's sonic legacy.



Breakaway music festival crowd

Photo provided by Breakaway Music Festival

With the summer sun blazing, Breakaway Music Festival ignites Grand Rapids, bringing youthful energy and a diverse lineup spanning various EDM subgenres. Originally founded in Ohio, this festival has gained a solid footing in Michigan's music scene, combining innovation with a carnival-esque atmosphere to create an immersive experience that resonates with festival-goers of all backgrounds.

This festival THIS WEEKEND. Tickets are still on sale.


Flint Drop Fest

Flint Drop Fest Bus Stage

Photo by James Paterni All rights reserved.

Born from the Flint water crisis, Flint Drop Fest has evolved into an annual testament to resilience and music's capacity for change. This community-driven event melds EDM, hip-hop, and more to raise awareness and funds for social and environmental causes. Flint Drop Fest exemplifies music's power to galvanize positive transformation, uniting attendees in support of meaningful change.

Drop Fest provided an all-ages one day festival the entire family can enjoy. My 8-year-old son had an amazing time passing out Kandi and dancing into the night. (See related blog post)


Charivari Detroit

Charivari Detroit, MI

Photo from license unknown cropped and resized,

Embracing the rich diversity of electronic music, Charivari Detroit presents an eclectic blend of techno, house, and beyond. As a free festival, it champions accessibility to electronic music, fostering an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates Detroit's cultural vibrancy. Through music, workshops, and interactive engagements, Charivari Detroit underscores the unifying spirit of EDM, bridging gaps and forging connections.


Woodkey Festival

Woodkey festival

Photo by license unknown. Imaged cropped for size.

Enter the realm of Woodkey Festival, an emerging star in Michigan's EDM constellation. This celebration weaves together music, art, and community in a setting that resonates with intimacy and innovation. Against a backdrop of creativity, Woodkey Festival introduces attendees to a spectrum of electronic and live performances, forging connections that transcend the confines of the event.

Woodkey is coming up next month (September 8th), and tickets are still available! We're very excited to be attending this event for the first time this year! Keep a lookout for our Rave-Ing Mad shirts!


Rave-Ing Mad Festival

Rave-Ing Mad Festival

Image taken at 2023 Rave-Ing Mad Festival. Artist unknown.

No discussion of festivals would be complete without a nod to our very own Rave-Ing Mad festival! Nestled within the heart of July, this intimate, exclusive one-day celebration has quickly established itself as a standout event on our calendar. With our inaugural gathering taking place just last month, we've already witnessed the magic that unfolds when vibrant souls converge in these more intimate settings. The PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) ethos resonates profoundly within the close-knit crowd, creating an atmosphere that is truly electric. Our mission is to infuse the EDM spirit into lesser-traveled pockets, exemplified perfectly by our Mount Pleasant, Michigan soirée.

Although our debut gathering welcomed a cozy assembly of around 25 attendees, the energy was nothing short of incredible. A unanimous sentiment echoed through the air – each and every individual partook in an unforgettable experience. As we set our sights on the future, the path ahead shines brightly with growth and innovation. We've already taken significant strides, investing in a 4000 watt sound system that will elevate the auditory journey. Our ambitions for the upcoming year are expansive yet grounded; we're diligently curating the blueprint for the next chapter of our event. Our utmost priority remains the harmonious fusion of expansion and authenticity, preserving the underground rave essence and fostering a sense of community that's as profound as ever.

A side note- 100% of proceeds from our store go directly to buying new equipment, giveaways, and improving the experience of our next event!


Mayfest: The Equinox

Image provided by Mac Yellek and Sage May. All rights reserved.

Mayfest The Equinox: A Fresh Music Festival Experience in Remus, Michigan on October 8th. Drawing inspiration from our successful Rave-ing Mad festival, The Equinox has emerged as a new sensation, enhancing the vibrant music scene already established by the annual May Fest – a cherished Bluegrass and Jam Band festival. Set against the same scenic backdrop, this EDM extravaganza is the brainchild of Mac Yellek and Sage May, with valuable contributions from our very own Rave-Ing Mad team.

A remarkable surge in popularity is evident, as evidenced by the enlistment of five talented DJs who will ignite the night with electrifying beats. Among them, Mac Yellek hailing from Chicago, the vibrant Daytime Dan, also representing Chicago, the dynamic duo L3XI3 & K3Y both from Arizona, and a surprise guest, eagerly anticipated. And the lineup continues to expand, promising an unforgettable experience!

Once again, attendees can expect an intimate affair seamlessly blending camping, soul-stirring melodies, and a contagious atmosphere of positivity. Beyond our own festival, May Fest: The Equinox holds a special place in our hearts, taking precedence over other events in our calendar this year.

It's important to note that this event is by private invitation only, a deliberate choice to cultivate an environment of camaraderie and harmony among a close-knit community of like-minded individuals.


Michigan's EDM and techno landscape flourishes through a mosaic of festivals, each catering to distinct tastes and perspectives within the genre. Electric Forest's mystical allure, The Movement's historical reverence, and the grassroots impact of Flint Drop Fest collectively showcase the state's fervor for electronic music. As you traverse these festivals, you'll uncover not just remarkable music, but a sense of kinship and understanding that speaks to the unifying potential of EDM. Whether a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Michigan's EDM and techno events promise an odyssey that lingers long after the last beat drops.

Rave-Ing Mad was not sponsored by any of the above festivals, however, we are the creators of the Rave-Ing mad festival, and involved with Mayfest: The Equinox. No Financial or other support was provided to include any festival in this article.

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